Sew Many Projects


  • Beginner Project

-Basic Skirt with elastic waist (1-2 hours)
This is a great project for the seamstress with little to no experience. Cutting the skirt out you will learn to use a gridded ruler, cutting mat and rotary cutter. Constructing this skirt you will learn to sew straight lines, make a French hem, top stich, add elastic with a casing and double turn hem. You will also learn to take your measurements and draft a plan for this project.

-Skirt with shirring (1-2 hours)
For this project you will learn the same techniques as the Basic Skirt but with a different waist band. I will teach you how to use the shirring technique. This is a stretchy, gathering that is lots of fun to do and can be used for many different projects.

-Dress with shirring (1-2 hours)
This project will include the same techniques and lessons as the Basic Skirt as well as the shirring technique. We will also learn how to make straps.

  • Intermediate Projects 

-Basic Dress From Pattern (2-3 hours)
This project is great for the seamstress that has learned to sew straight lines and use the foot peddle comfortably. We will venture into the world of patterns! We will cut them out, learn to read the pattern, and construct a more complex garment. Sewing curves and carful stitching will be covered as this piece of work comes together.

-The Memories Quilt (3-4 hours)
This project is very special for me. For this project we will construct a basic quilt from fabric that has a special or fun memory to you. You could use your old sports/team uniforms, or school related t-shirt. One of my students had been holding on to all her mother’s clothes after her passing. We turned a garbage bag of cloths, which were sitting in the back of her closest, into a beautiful quilt. Now she can use it and enjoy memories behind each square. I look forward to making this quilt and hearing the stories behind each piece of fabric and why it’s being chosen.



  • Upcycling Projects

Upcycling-(From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia: Upcycling is the process of converting waste materials or useless products into new materials or products of better quality or a higher environmental value.)

I love to upcycle ugly or poor fitting clothes! With these projects I hope to open up your mind to the potential behind clothes and fabric you would otherwise pass over or toss. Where do we find these diamonds in the rough? Items you already have but wanted to donate or toss, and my favorite, the thrift store! Let’s go on a field trip and see what we can find!

-Pillowcase dress (1-2 hours)
You have probably seen this before, let me show you how to make it! Pillowcases can fit girls up to about size 5. For larger dresses we can use other materials. For this project we will use a gridded ruler, cutting mat and rotary cutter. Constructing this garment we will sew straight and curved lines, make a French hem, top stich, and use a double turned hem. We will also learn how to make a casing and how to pull a ribbon through it.

-This Dress Means Business! (1-2 hours)
So the name is a little dramatic, but the results are SEW sweet! For this project we will turn a man’s business shirt (or button down dress shirt) into a sweet girly dress. We can use 1-2 shirts to make this dress and the outcomes are endless!

-Apron form Dress Shirt (1-2 hours)
I have enjoyed making this project because the outcome can be SEW different each time. Together we will transform a button down dress shirt into a one of a kind apron. This project works great for the small or tall. The creative seamstress will enjoy this project as there will be a few choices to make and as many embellishments as you like!


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