Welcome to A Seam So Sweet!

I’m excited to offer you sewing lessons!

I have been sewing since I was a little girl.  I am thankful for the time my grandmother spent with me when I was young. Now I’m excited to pass my knowledge on to my children and further generations of my family.

As this tradition dies off I feel it is important to keep it alive. Join me as I start with the basics and get you well on the road to being a confident seamstress.

Private lessons are for all ages. Each lesson will be tailored to you and your ability. Groups of two or three will receive a discount.

Rates start at $20/hour or 5 lessons for $80.

Little to no experience at all? Lets start here…
Kids- For your first lession we will go over the basics of sewing. We will explore a few different sewing machines, learn what the knobs do and how to operate them. We will sew on paper to learn different stitches, what they do, and how to use them. I’ll also send them home with a small craft made from our practice.

Adult/Teens- You will learn the same as above adjusted to your age and or ability.

Comfortable with the sewing machine? Lets move on…

Please check out my list of projects from the tab above.


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